Frequently Asked Questions

Assuming planning consent has been given, there are three main factors that determine the value of your garden.

1. House Prices Locally

The location of your property will affect the value of your garden as the sale price of the property that is built will also be influenced by the location.

2. The number and size of properties

This can be your choice depending on how much garden you wish to sell. The more properties that are accommodated will increase the value of your garden.

3. Access

Access to the garden is needed for the property to be built. However this is not always possible and access may have to be purchased using a neighbours’ garden. If this is the case then the value of the garden would need to be adjusted accordingly.

As long as the garden is part of your sole residence and less than 0.5 hectare (just over an acre) then in most circumstances the money that you receive will be tax free. For further details please visit the HMRC website

We generally need a minimum of 15 x 20 metres with access; however sufficient space will need to remain for your own property.

In most cases we will need a minimum width of 4 metres as emergency services have to be able to access the property.

It may be possible to combine your garden with a neighbours’.

No, once a price has been agreed an option agreement will be signed & all costs associated with the planning application will be met by us, even if the application fails.

This is an agreement between you and us which sets out the sale price of your garden giving us the option to purchase at the agreed price subject to us obtaining planning permission.
The agreement is usually valid for 12 months which gives sufficient time for the planning process to be completed and allowing for any appeals that may be necessary.

Overall the process should be completed in around 6 months. It will take 2 months to prepare an application and roughly 3 months for the planners to make a decision. You will then receive the funds within a month of written planning consent being obtained.

No, that would be entirely up to you. Lots of people sell their gardens so they don’t have to move and have a more manageable sized plot with the extra cash to spend.

We will consult with you to discuss the most suitable options in order to obtain planning consent.
Generally we find bungalows are the most popular as they are less obtrusive due to their low height which provides minimal disturbance to you and your neighbours.